Unity Unveiled: The Marvel Beetle Chronicles

In an upcoming cinematic venture, The Blue Beetle, a character of Latino heritage, and Ms. Marvel, a character representing the Muslim community, are set to unite in matrimony. This groundbreaking film aims to showcase the formation of a pioneering onscreen family, one that embodies both Latino and Muslim identities.

Anticipated to be a trailblazing production, this movie will mark a significant step forward in portraying diverse and inclusive narratives. The couple’s offspring is slated to bear the name “Marvel Beetle,” signifying the fusion of their remarkable legacies.

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Juan Answers Book Questions on Zoom

Juan Galvan completed his first book “Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam” in 2017. He enjoys virtual meetings with students, such as those from Baylor University in which he answers questions about his book over Zoom.

According to their professor and author of “Islam, Peace and Social Justice: A Christian Perspective,” Dr. Christian van Gorder states: “Mr. Juan Galvan relates to students with an approachable and welcoming candor. He presents challenging material in ways that undergraduates can appreciate while also challenging them to question their own presuppositions. He is a patient listener and thorough communicator who shares his views but also welcomes disagreement without dismissal. My students here at Baylor have richly benefitted from his upbeat interactions with our students and have learned more from Mr. Galvan about some of the unique challenges and fresh perspectives shared by Latin/Hispanic (choose one!)-American Muslims. I can recommend his work with your students without hesitation.”

Juan Galvan welcomes all invitations.

Musulmanes latinos: Nuestro camino al islam

Musulmanes latinos: Nuestro camino al islam es una colección de historias sobre los caminos personales de sus protagonistas hasta alcanzar la verdad. Es acerca de sus esfuerzos, descubrimientos y revelaciones durante este proceso y sobre cómo, finalmente, encuentran la paz en el Islam. 

Disponible a la venta:

The cover photo shows Imam Daniel Hernandez and Imam Yusuf Rios, two Latino converts to Islam and active leaders in the community, enjoying a warm hug during the 16th Hispanic Muslim Day event held each year at the North Hudson Islamic Educational Center in New Jersey, EU (photo by Melissa Barreto).

La fotografía de la portada muestra al Imam Daniel Hernandez y al Imam Yusuf Rios, dos latinos conversos al Islam y líderes  activos en la comunidad, disfrutando de un cordial abrazo durante  el 16to evento del día de los musulmanes hispanos celebrado cada año en la mezquita North Hudson Islamic Educational Center en Nueva Jersey, EU
(foto por Melissa Barreto).

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Musulmanes latinos: Nuestro camino al islam is the Spanish translation of Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam.