“And One of His Signs…”: Quran Verses that Softened my Heart – Juan Galvan

In “And One of His Signs…”, Juan Galvan shares his favorite verses from Islam’s holy book. Having felt goosebumps the first time he opened a Quran, he hopes that all people will come to understand why the Quran is a source of peace for 1.8 billion Muslims. His conversion story can be found in Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam.

"And One of His Signs..."

Although not meant to be an introduction to Islam, “And One of His Signs…” does provide non-Muslims a brief look into a great source of Islamic belief.

The book derives its name from Quran 30:24, “And one of His signs is that He shows you lightning, inspiring you with hope and fear. And He sends down rain from the sky, reviving the earth after its death. Surely in this are signs for people who understand.”

All translated verses come from The Clear Quran®.
Translated by – Dr. Mustafa Khattab.
Published by – The Book of Signs Foundation or Furqaan Institute of Quranic Education, both divisions of Al-Furqaan Foundation.

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“And One of His Signs…”: Quran Verses that Softened my Heart

Latino Muslims: Our Journeys to Islam

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