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I am not Muslim, but I am interested in gaining better understanding of Islam and people who practice this faith. The book is well written and Galvan does a wonderful job of presenting facts, his own journey, and the stories of other Latino Muslims. I am drawn to the passion of the various writers and their personal faith journeys.


An excellent read for anyone who wants to gain a deeper understanding of this fast growing phenomenon: Latinos converting to Islam. They must be Trump’s enemy number one. A Muslim AND a Latino! Some accounts will have you in tears, and some will have you in stitches from laughing so hard! Beautiful, raw and real. It’s one of those books that you wish was longer, and it was with a heavy heart that I flipped the last page. With the numbers of Latino Muslims rising, I can’t wait for a volume 2 of this book.


This is an amazing book that shows the complexity of the latino community in the USA. Throughout the exposition of diverse testimonials, people can see what makes latin@s to listen the call to Islam as a faith and as a form of life. Although the return (or conversion to) islam leads, sometimes, to the incomprehension and to a different degree of struggles, this book let us see how islam facilitate Latin@ Muslims to reconnect their past with their present, enabling them to build a new path for a better future. “Latino-Muslims: Our journeys to Islam” is a testimonial to amplify our notion of what means being latino, beyond the common language, the shared history and the similar cultural patterns. This is being done by the presentation of different voices: the one of a woman or a man; the one of a Mexican, a Dominican, a Porto Rican or a Salvadorian (among others); the one of a young or an older person; or the one of a recently reverted person, or the one of somebody who affirmed the Unity of God and the role of the Prophet Muhammad long time ago. Definitely, this book is not only a good recommendation to somebody who is interested in Islam, and for anybody who is interested in the history of the Latino community in the USA.

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